I WILL Humiliate You

When I was somewhat new to the world of phone sex, I had a caller who was heavily into verbal humiliation.  No problem!  I asked a few questions about what he considered to be humiliating, what were his points of humiliation, that kind of thing and proceeded to reduce the poor man to tears!  To say I was surprised was an understatement!  I’ve never forgotten what he said to me through his tears, “You sound like you really mean it”.  It hadn’t occurred to me until that moment that this might be a problem.  Of course I sounded like I really meant it – wasn’t that the point?

Good Communication is Important!

Nowadays I try to make sure that I have some communication with callers (especially those into role-playing) before they call.  Partly because it makes things flow more smoothly and less phone time is taken up with the caller explaining what he wants, and partly so that the caller understands that the phone session is a separate thing from our e-mail/IM communications.  I have the utmost respect for my subbies and want them to understand that what is said during a role-play session in no way reflects my real feelings for them.  Contact me before you call and let me know what you like and what you don’t like during a session.  Do you have trigger words?  Are there words or phrases that turn you on (or turn you off)?  Phone sex is all about communication and that begins with the first time you contact me, whether it’s by e-mail, IM or when I first answer your call.

New Telephone Number

Don’t forget that I can now be contacted at a new number, that is to say a number different from the one shown in my header (and yes, I’ll change that just as soon as I can figure out how!).  You can call me at 1-800-863-5478
ext: 01920138 or visit me at www.niteflirt.com to schedule a call or leave a message.


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